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Daniel Walsh, 2014 recipient of the Richmond Fellowship WA Leading the Way Award

Daniel Walsh, 2014 recipient of the Richmond Wellbeing Leading the Way Award

RICHMOND WELLBEING   Richmond Wellbeing is pleased to be a sponsor for the Leading the Way Award. We believe that people can and do recover from mental illness and that it is important for all professionals to share this belief and hope in recovery. We have supported the WA Social Worker of the Year Awards since their inception in 2009 and have been actively involved in helping to develop them throughout WA. We believe the Awards are important to the social work profession and provide us with an opportunity to promote hope as well as to attract Social Workers who share our values to work for Richmond Wellbeing. We look forward to continuing to grow our workforce by our involvement in the Awards. Richmond Wellbeing is a non-government organisations participating in providing a Recovery-promoting environment for people with a diagnosable mental illness. We are well known for programs that integrate the key elements of recovery with accommodation and support services such as recreational activities, guidance on practical living skills and intensive counselling to give participants the confidence and skills they need to recover from mental illness and meet the daily challenges of life outside an institution. Building on a solid base of accommodation support programs, which provide community-based housing and skills development support in a non-institutional environment, Richmond Wellbeing is expanding its services to include assistance in employment, training, and consulting for the community and corporate sector. We are driven by an innovative strategic plan and caring staff that are steadfastly committed to their consumers’ recovery, and continually develops its programs so participants receive the very best in recovery services.

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