Meet the 2016 Winners

Congratulations to our 2016 WA Social Worker of the Year Award Winners!

  Neil Guard (Richmond Wellbeing) and Stephan Lund, Winner 'Leading the Way' and '2016 WA Social Worker of the Year'

Stephan Lund

2016 WA Social Worker of the Year WINNER and Richmond Wellbeing Leading the Way WINNER Stephan has proven himself to be an exceptional leader with an empowering style of management, charismatic approach and positive outlook. It is this leadership that has led to many in his team at Wanslea (WONS-LEE) modelling their own leadership style on his – asking ‘What would Stephan do?’ In his role as Executive Manager of Out of Home Care and Specialist Services, Stephan has been instrumental in the  development of various programs and structures that have been integral to significantly increasing the number of foster care placements across WA. Stephan’s enthusiasm and passion for social work is underlined by a commitment to furthering the profession through education. He continually promotes access to up-to-date research for staff, has collaborated with TAFE West Coast Institute to develop a Fostering Foundations course for carers, and is currently working toward his PhD.

Emma Weaver

Wanslea Agent of Change Award WINNER Emma joined us all the way from Broome where she works for the West Kimberley district at the Department of Child Protection and Family Support. She is described as a leader, professional in all that she does, open and transparent with her staff, peers and superiors, passionate and courageous. Appointed Team Leader of the Reunification and Permanency Planning team in early 2015, Emma was tasked with implementing a new Permanency Planning policy. She recognised the opportunity to utilise this policy to leverage change, leading and empowering her team of case managers to achieve meaningful and important outcomes with families. Her referee says “Emma and her team’s passion and enthusiasm had a ripple effect across the District and the department… their work has been an inspiration across the state and seen a significant increase in children unified to their parents and families.”

Marina Andrade - Winner of 'Rural & Remote Practitioner - and Kathy Boxall (ECU)

Marina Andrade

ECU Rural & Remote Practitioner Award WINNER For the last 30 years, Marina has been providing Social Work services to vulnerable patient groups at Kalgoorlie Hospital. Whether it is women escaping domestic violence, those who find themselves homeless, child protection cases, or those going through significant transitions after major surgery, each of them are grateful for her compassionate and caring approach. As the sole social worker at Kalgoorlie Hospital, Marina works across all wards of the hospital from maternity to emergency. Her experience and understanding of the challenges faced in a rural location helps her to advocate for clients needs, especially when in multidisciplinary meetings with doctors and allied health. This is a skill that has made Marina very well respected in the hospital.
Department for Child Protection and Family Support winners and finalists

Sue Galbraith

Department for Child Protection and Family Support Head, Heart and Hands Award WINNER With an extremely impressive career spanning more than four decades, Sue is a role model in the profession of Social Work. Her ability to show all patients compassion, empathy and most importantly, hope, has lead to many specifically requesting ‘the small lady with the long grey ponytail.’ Well known for her humility and humanity towards all, Sue treats people with respect and dignity and by doing this she is able to make a positive difference in the lives of children, their families and the community. Always humble, Sue has been quoted as saying ‘to be a social worker is a privilege and something I am proud to be doing.’ Sue is an authentic leader whose contribution to the learning, development and growth of new staff to perform at their best in the field, was built through their trust and respect for her.

Kate Jefferies (Communicare) and Julie Verley -  Winner of 'Rising Star'

Julie Verley

Communicate Rising Star Award WINNER An extraordinary asset to the Angelhands team, Julie has a strong sense of social justice and is committed to upholding social work values, evident through her exceptionally high standard of work. Julie excels in her ability to provide support and in her delivery of front line services, in particular leading and implementing the Angelhands Victim Awareness Training Program. Julie is adaptable, flexible and passionate, consistently demonstrating calmness under pressure and displaying deep empathy. Julie is focussed on continuous professional development proactively seeking training that enhance her abilities. Her nominator describes Julie as “integral to the functioning of Angelhands – without the initiative she has shown it is very difficult to imagine where we might be.”